Januray 29 Newsletter

Greetings to our Inquiry Hub families,Jan14-News-Aquarium-1Today was report card day and so hopefully you saw your child’s report card after school. Please take some time to discuss the report with your child and ask them both about things they do well, and things they think they can improve on.  Also, please read “The road ahead…” (below) to help you think about where we are in the school year.

Events and Activities

HR MacMillan Field Trip planned for Tuesday Feb. 4th. We are still looking for possible parent drivers. Please contact Mr. Khalili if you can help.

Also, take a peek at a video with highlights from our recent field trip to the Aquarium and also from Halloween:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKHsgc2DA4Y

Our next field trip, being organized by students, will be to Cliffhanger for some indoor Rock Climbing.

Thank you to the students and families that donated to support Brian, a student in our community that got to celebrate a Christmas like no other he has had before. He really appreciated the iPod Nano, movie theatre gift certificate, clothing, bedding, and other gifts and essentials. Brian might be coming by to say a personal thank you in the coming weeks.

Ask your child about their Movie Trailers for iHub Reads!

Please see the following attachments:

The road ahead…

This week marks the half-way point for the school year. It really is hard to believe we are at that point already. Students that were here last year know that things seem to speed up even more now. More than ever, it is a time to focus and refocus in a program that is personalized and self-directed. As always, we would like to remind students and parents that students should be spending at least an hour every night on homework. For some, this has been a regular pattern already. For others, it might be something that parent support could help.

At school, we are spending a fair bit of time reminding some students to stay focused, while others are modelling what is expected. We want students dedicating their afternoons to studying things that they want to inquire about, but for some, we will be asking them to spend more time on work that is required in their courses.  Through this all, we encourage students to create daily routines that help them to be productive students, who get to enjoy a unique way to learn while developing skills that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

Successful Open House

Thank you to all the students who helped out at our Open House. Feedback was mostly about how passionate and articulate our student presenters and guides were. Please remember that we are currently taking applications for next year and pass along our website to students who would make good candidates for our school: http://www.inquiryhub.org  ~Which includes a link to our online application.

 Jan14-News-ParentsParents as Partners

This will be a regular feature of newsletters. Hopefully with parent questions and contributions!

PAC MEETING ON MONDAY Feb. 3rd – 7pm in the Learning Commons

Children and Computer Time

Here is a question I often hear: How much computer time should my child have? This gets even more challenging in a program where homework is all available online!

Also, how much ‘screen time’ are they getting, since television and phone time can also be a concern.

Here are some questions to ponder. There are no ‘right’ answers here, but discussing this as parents, and/or as a family, can help you decide what your limits and comfort zones are:

How long does your child spend on the computer, on their phone, or in front of the TV? Are you comfortable with that amount of time? Have you discussed this with your child?

Do you know what your child does on the computer? How much homework time is actually homework time? Are social media sites open, texting happening or multiple windows being viewed?

Is homework done in an ideal environment and setting? Is there a better place for it to be done?

What computer games does your child play? Are these games appropriate for their age?  Have your tried them?

What social networks does your child belong to? Which ones do they spend the most time on? Are you their online friends?

How much freedom should they have online and on their phones?

I think most parents agree that having a television or computer in a child’s room might not be a great idea. But are they allowed to charge their cell phones in their room? If so, then they do in fact have a computer and television in their room! … And so, is it on when you ask them to have it off? Are they sleeping as much as you think they are? Is there somewhere else that the phone charger should be kept?

The younger your child is, the more important it is to determine these things for them. As your child gets older, it would be wise to allow them to negotiate these terms with you, although I firmly believe that parents should maintain the right to make the final decision.

~ Dave Truss

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