September Start-up

iHub-SS-WhiteGreetings to our Inquiry Hub Parents,

I hope you have had a great summer!

The burning question of the day is… Will we start school on Tuesday? The only answer I have is…
I don’t know???

Here is a letter from Superintendent Tom Grant, who essentially says:

 At this time we can contemplate three scenarios for September 2.

• The parties will reach a settlement and we will open schools on time on September 2.

• There will be no agreement and we will be in a strike/lockout situation with pickets at each school.

• Teachers return to job action where schools are open and their duties are limited.

If anyone knows more than that, then they know more than me! Hopefully an announcement will be made today or tomorrow with good news.

If we start on Tuesday, the schedule will be as follows:

Registration and Orientation 10am-11:30am

Tues., Sept. 2, 2014

First day of classes

Wednesday, Sept. 3

If the start is later than Tuesday, the first day will be 10am to 11:30 (No Laptops Needed), and the following day will be the first day of classes.

Below is a calendar with key holidays and dates, and a more detailed one with reporting will come out when we see what happens with our start date.

Here is some important information and links for you: – Our school website.

eFormsPlease fill these out as soon as you can. There are 3 mandatory forms and then others to update. We would really appreciate parents filling out the volunteer and Driver Applications!

The full address to the link:

Online Calendar – With the calendar below (to be updated further with more information). Below, I’ve highlighted 3 dates to add to your calendar right away… these are days we want you to come to the school (although the invitation to visit and get involved is open well beyond these dates).

Parent Portal – If you are reading this… you found it! This web page will be updated regularly by me and our parent community.

Student Portal – Our MOODLE, online courses home page.

Absence Report – Please email or call:


I look forward to seeing you all here soon!


Dave Truss

Inquiry Hub Secondary School 2014-2015

Registration and Orientation 10am-11:30am

Tues., Sept. 2, 2014

First day of classes

Wednesday, Sept. 3

Meet the Teacher 5pm-7pm, PAC Meeting 7pm

Monday, Sept. 15

Pro D (District)

Friday, Sept. 19

Photo Day

Monday, Sept. 29

Thanksgiving Day

Monday, Oct. 13

Pro D (District)

Friday, Oct. 24

Closure Day (School Not in Session)

Monday, Nov. 10

Remembrance Day

Tuesday, Nov. 11

Student-Parent-Teacher   Interviews – Early Dismissal

Thursday, Nov. 14

Pro D (School Based)

Friday, Nov. 19

Schools close for Winter Break (last day in session)

Friday, Dec. 19

Winter Break

Dec. 22 – Jan. 2

Schools reopen after Winter Break

Mon., Jan. 5, 2015

Provincial Exams (No regular   classes)

Jan – 19-23

BC Family Day

Monday, Feb. 9

Pro D (District)

Friday, Feb 20

Schools close for Spring Break (last day in session)

Friday, Mar. 6

Spring Vacation Period

Mar. 9 – Mar. 20

Schools reopen after Extended Spring Break

Monday, Mar. 23

Good Friday

Friday, April 3

Easter Monday

Monday, April. 6

Student Led  Conference – Early Dismissal

Thursday, April 23

Pro D (District)

Friday, April 17

Pro D (School Based)

Friday, May 15

Victoria Day

Monday, May 18

Last day of scheduled instruction

Tuesday, June 17

Provincial Exams (No regular   classes)

June – 18-26

Last Day of School for all students

Thursday, June 25

Administrative Day (Teachers)

Friday, June 26


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