Encounters with Canada 2016-2017

From: Pam Wattamaniuk, Regional Coordinator (BC08)

Please see the following attachments:

Arts and Culture – 28-08-2016 Sports and Fitness 04-08-16 and 11-17-16

Sports and Fitness 04-08-16 and 11-17-16

Important points first (but I recommend reading until the part about the promotion for the first three weeks of next year’s program–then stick around for the FAQ’s only if you want to!)…


It’s time for students to register for a week at Encounters with Canada in Ottawa for next year! The theme calendar can be found at https://www.ewc-rdc.ca/pub/en/theme_week .


Your quota (same as last year) is 1 student. ***Keep reading for exceptionally good news, though!


***Given that I am always granted additional “over-quota” spots (taken from other provinces who don’t use their entire quota) for my waitlisted students, I requested permission to register all interested students now (regardless of school quotas). I’m happy to report that within a short window of time (from now until June), I’m going to be permitted to do this. What this means for you is that, although you still need to grant school approval for each student to attend, you will not need to whittle down your list… As long as they register now (between now and June) and are approved by you, we’ll be able to register as many students as want to attend. J


(***After June, we go back to the waitlist process where you send me the student name and email address and they’ll go on my waitlist until I hear in the fall/winter about the availability of more spots. Whether you fill your school’s quota or not, all students will need to be waitlisted after June.)


DEADLINE for student names to me so I can issue access codes for online registration:  Friday, May 20, 2016  (These students should have parent approval to attend before being issued an access code.)


DEADLINE for completed, signed registration forms and payment to be sent to me (by email as a pdf document): Wednesday, June 1, 2016 (Please let me know if this date is a problem so we can make alternate arrangements.)


Reminder of the basics:


  • Students must be between 14 and 17 years old when they participate. (You may be interested in the 2015 BC portrait that I’ve attached to this email regarding details about students who attend Encounters.) Please note that due to federal funding restrictions, students “age out” at 18 and cannot participate after they turn 18—so they must sign up for weeks that fall BEFORE their 18th birthday.
  • Students must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents (Landed Immigrants).
  • While they do not have to be your top students, students need to be able to afford to miss a week of school. They do NOT need to be bilingual to participate in Encounters; however, they should be aware that the program is offered in English and French, and students need to be respectful of the fact that they will hear French spoken there. It would be a perfect opportunity for students to make an effort to practice any French that they already know. Most important, of course, is that each student you select should be a good ambassador for your school and district.
  • You must sign each of the student registration forms as the school representative (usually on p. 3, depending on how it prints out). Please check that the parent signature is in the section immediately above yours.
  • The price for a week at Encounters remains at $675 for next year. (This includes airfare, ground transportation, room & board at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre, guest speakers, field trips, workshops, etc.). Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard (credit card payment is preferred), but they may pay by cheque, if necessary. Registration happens much more quickly with credit card payment. *See below for details re special price reduction for the first three weeks of the program in the fall. (One of those weeks even falls before the school year begins!)


If you plan to hold a meeting of interested students, you may wish to bring in students who have already attended to talk to your interested students and/or you could show them this video: https://www.ewc-rdc.ca/pub/en/begin_your_adventure .




** Students registering for one of the following three weeks will have a chance to win a $100.00 gift card at Ottawa’s largest shopping mall, Rideau Centre, AND for a limited time (now through June) will be eligible for a reduction in fees (as indicated below).


  • Arts and Culture – August 28-September 3, 2016 – $600 (a $75 reduction from the regular $675 cost of the program if register by June)  See attachment for additional info.
  • Sports and Fitness – September 4-10, 2016 – $600 (a $75 reduction from the regular $675 cost of the program if register by June)   See attachment for additional info.
  • Sports and Fitness – September 11-17, 2016 – $600 (a $75 reduction from the regular $675 cost of the program if register by June)   See attachment for additional info.


Pam Wattamaniuk, Regional Coordinator (BC08)

Encounters with Canada website:  www.ewc-rdc.ca

View Encounters video at:  https://www.ewc-rdc.ca/pub/

Toonie Tuesdays for Fort McMurray


Our Me To We student leadership team is asking for us to help them with this fundraiser. 

Here is the background from Pitt River Middle Students…

A class at Pitt River Middle School is wanting to coordinate a district wide fundraiser for the victims of the fires in Fort McMurray.  They are requesting that interested schools participate in their Toonie Tuesday challenge to raise funds, which would be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.  I have provided the information below.  They have also created a poster for the event which I have attached.  If you have any questions, you can email the teacher – Kiren Chand  at Kchand@sd43.bc.ca

This is a great opportunity to coordinate fund raising in this area and make a difference for those impacted.

And details from our Board Office:

The catastrophic effects of the fires in Alberta have impacted tens of thousands of people.  The students in my Math 7 class have collectively come up with a district wide initiative to raise money to support the community.  They would like to have “Toonie Tuesdays”  for the next three Tuesdays in May.

We are hoping this takes off as a district wide initiative in which every person,  in every school,  would bring in a Toonie to help the residents of Fort McMurray.  The power of the Toonie can be astounding in conjunction with every other Toonie collected in the district.  Lets work together to make this happen!

Below are some details of what this could look like;

  • Money would be collected by teachers on the next three Tuesdays in May
  • School Secretaries would deposit and write a cheque to board office indicating it is donations for Fort McMurray Fire
  • District would issue a cheque to the Red Cross


Thank you on behalf of our Me to We Team!