Inquiry Hub Parents Page – PAC & School News

Starting a brand new school, doing things in a brand new way, is no easy task. Believing in the vision of the school and trusting it will be the best place for your child is no easy choice. For that reason, we say ‘Thank You’ to the parents of our Inquiry Hub students. Thank you also to our wonderful students, and our dedicated teaching staff for co-creating the ‘iHub’ experience.

It has been an amazing year. And, we know that things will only get better as we model the expectations of our students who are on a continual learning cycle, improving what they do, based on feedback from previous learning experiences.

This space will host all of our PAC – Parent Advisory Council meeting minutes and also provide up-to-date news for our parents (and students).

Here are the iHub PAC – June 3 2013 Minutes (pdf).

Field Trip on MONDAY!

We will be heading to White Pine Beach on Sasamat Lake on Monday June 17th. Click here to see a Google Map and get directions.

Parents are welcome to join us. We are hoping that some parents can drive, and we will also have teacher drivers. We’ll plan to leave the school at 9am to arrive at the beach between 9:45 and 10am. We will stay until 2pm. Please let us know if you are joining us, or if you are dropping/picking up your child to/from the beach, rather than the school. (Drop off times: School = 8:45-3, at the beach = 10am-2pm)

We have a hike around the lake planned and there will be sporting equipment and a barbecue.

What to bring:

Clothing appropriate for the weather. (And something warm to wear like a jacket, even if the day starts warm/dry)

Hat, sun screen, comfortable shoes. Optional: sandals/flip-flops, bathing suite & towel (yes the water will be cold!)

A snack or treat of some sort to share. (We’ll plan this a bit at school)

Blanket/camping chairs/comfort items you will remember to bring back home with you. (Nothing too big unless your parents are bringing them.

Cost: Just the snack item you are bringing to share.

Photos Needed

We are putting together a yearbook and need more photos! Please send (good) photos that you or your child may have to: ~ The password will be shared in my email to announce this new parent page.

Last Day of Classes Wednesday June 19th

Please note: Some students will be invited to continue attending to complete work. Although teachers will be present, there will be many planning and organizational meetings and if students would like to set up meetings with teachers, then need to check with the teacher in advance to make sure the teacher is available.

Pizza Lunch – If students would like a pizza lunch on our last day, then they need to bring in $4 on Wednesday.

Provincial Exams

380 Montgomery Street  (Map)
Coquitlam, BC,  V3K 5G2,  604-936-4261

On Friday, Mr. Truss will be driving any students who are writing exams, and would like to see their exam location in advance, to the school to see the rooms that the exams are held in. This location is only a few minute drive from Millside.

The times for the exams are:

Wed. June 19th – 9am to 11am Foundations of MATHEMATICS and Pre-Calculus 10
Wed. June 19th – 9am to 11am Apprenticeship and Workplace MATHEMATICS 10

Thursday June 20th – 1pm to 3pm SCIENCE 10

Friday June 21st – 9am to 11am SOCIAL STUDIES 11

Friday June 21st -1pm to 3pm ENGLISH 10

* Students are allotted an additional hour to write exams, if they require more than two hours. This does not need to be stated in advance.

Summer Opportunities

KidSport Used Equipment Sale Info – Summer

Science of Sexuality – Telus World of Science – Youth Pass

Place des Arts – Youth Arts Council -Poster

Thank You!

It has been an honour working with your children. We look forward to building on our learning this year and providing a fantastic year of student-driven inquiry learning next year.


I’ll be asking for more feedback later, but I would like to end this message with a request that parents who have feedback on the program (compliments, concerns, and suggestions), please contact me and share that feedback by your own preferred terms… face-to-face, phone or email.

Dave Truss
Inquiry Hub Lead Administrator