Toonie Tuesdays for Fort McMurray


Our Me To We student leadership team is asking for us to help them with this fundraiser. 

Here is the background from Pitt River Middle Students…

A class at Pitt River Middle School is wanting to coordinate a district wide fundraiser for the victims of the fires in Fort McMurray.  They are requesting that interested schools participate in their Toonie Tuesday challenge to raise funds, which would be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.  I have provided the information below.  They have also created a poster for the event which I have attached.  If you have any questions, you can email the teacher – Kiren Chand  at

This is a great opportunity to coordinate fund raising in this area and make a difference for those impacted.

And details from our Board Office:

The catastrophic effects of the fires in Alberta have impacted tens of thousands of people.  The students in my Math 7 class have collectively come up with a district wide initiative to raise money to support the community.  They would like to have “Toonie Tuesdays”  for the next three Tuesdays in May.

We are hoping this takes off as a district wide initiative in which every person,  in every school,  would bring in a Toonie to help the residents of Fort McMurray.  The power of the Toonie can be astounding in conjunction with every other Toonie collected in the district.  Lets work together to make this happen!

Below are some details of what this could look like;

  • Money would be collected by teachers on the next three Tuesdays in May
  • School Secretaries would deposit and write a cheque to board office indicating it is donations for Fort McMurray Fire
  • District would issue a cheque to the Red Cross

Thank you on behalf of our Me to We Team! 

Monday Sept. 16th Meet the teacher & Pac Meeting, and survey link

Greetings Inquiry Hub Parents,

We are off to a great start of the year at Inquiry Hub Secondary School. I would like to invite you to ‘Meet the Teacher’ on Monday Sept. 16th, which will be followed by our first PAC meeting of the year.

On Monday between 5 and 7pm, we invite you to come and meet your Inquiry Hub teachers. Students are encouraged to join you and give you a tour, as well as introduce you to their teachers. This will be an ‘Open House’ event, with opportunities to speak to any of us in an informal setting. Please be sure to join us!

After the meet the teacher open house, we will be having our first PAC meeting of the year at 7pm. Before sharing the agenda, here are 2 important messages regarding our PAC:

1. I will be sharing the email address you received this email in with our PAC Executive. They will use it only for PAC related information, and like me, they will BCC any emails sent to all parents. Please reply to this email if you would rather not have this email address shared, or if you’d like to change which email address is used for my updates and PAC updates.

2. There is a very short ‘iHub PAC fundraising’ survey that I’ve been asked to share with you. For new parents, question #3 is in regard to a student initiative to request PAC funds for inquiry projects. Please help out our PAC and complete this (5 question) survey.

(Link provided in email to parents)

 3. This newsletter is available online at: where there is a link to our PAC Minutes page: You can find our June PAC meeting minutes there.

Here is the PAC Agenda for this coming Monday at 7pm, also attached as a word document to this email. We hope to see you all there.


I Hub Inquiry PAC Secondary School
PAC Meeting – AGENDA
September 16, 2013, 7:00pm

Agenda Item    Minutes    Timing

1.    General: Meeting called to order        7:00

2.    Welcome and Introductions    5    7:05

3.    Previous Meeting Minutes
•    June 03, 2013    5    7:10

4.    Principal’s Report    10    7:20

5.    Priorities for 2013/2014
•    Discussion of parents as to the desired priorities
for the PAC during the 2013/2014 school year.    15    7:35

6.    Old Business
•    Vacant positions:
o    Treasurer
o    School Planning Committee Representatives
o    Fundraising Coordinator    15    7:50

7.    New Business
•    Funding for student inquiry projects
•    Gaming Account update

8.    Meeting Adjourned    10          8:00

9.    Future Meetings
•    TBD

Current PAC Executive:

Chair – Jason Turner
Vice Chair – Michelle Unrau
Secretary – Arlyss Turner