September Start-up

iHub-SS-WhiteGreetings to our Inquiry Hub Parents,

I hope you have had a great summer!

The burning question of the day is… Will we start school on Tuesday? The only answer I have is…
I don’t know???

Here is a letter from Superintendent Tom Grant, who essentially says:

 At this time we can contemplate three scenarios for September 2.

• The parties will reach a settlement and we will open schools on time on September 2.

• There will be no agreement and we will be in a strike/lockout situation with pickets at each school.

• Teachers return to job action where schools are open and their duties are limited.

If anyone knows more than that, then they know more than me! Hopefully an announcement will be made today or tomorrow with good news.

If we start on Tuesday, the schedule will be as follows:

Registration and Orientation 10am-11:30am

Tues., Sept. 2, 2014

First day of classes

Wednesday, Sept. 3

If the start is later than Tuesday, the first day will be 10am to 11:30 (No Laptops Needed), and the following day will be the first day of classes.

Below is a calendar with key holidays and dates, and a more detailed one with reporting will come out when we see what happens with our start date.

Here is some important information and links for you: – Our school website.

eFormsPlease fill these out as soon as you can. There are 3 mandatory forms and then others to update. We would really appreciate parents filling out the volunteer and Driver Applications!

The full address to the link:

Online Calendar – With the calendar below (to be updated further with more information). Below, I’ve highlighted 3 dates to add to your calendar right away… these are days we want you to come to the school (although the invitation to visit and get involved is open well beyond these dates).

Parent Portal – If you are reading this… you found it! This web page will be updated regularly by me and our parent community.

Student Portal – Our MOODLE, online courses home page.

Absence Report – Please email or call:


I look forward to seeing you all here soon!


Dave Truss

Inquiry Hub Secondary School 2014-2015

Registration and Orientation 10am-11:30am

Tues., Sept. 2, 2014

First day of classes

Wednesday, Sept. 3

Meet the Teacher 5pm-7pm, PAC Meeting 7pm

Monday, Sept. 15

Pro D (District)

Friday, Sept. 19

Photo Day

Monday, Sept. 29

Thanksgiving Day

Monday, Oct. 13

Pro D (District)

Friday, Oct. 24

Closure Day (School Not in Session)

Monday, Nov. 10

Remembrance Day

Tuesday, Nov. 11

Student-Parent-Teacher   Interviews – Early Dismissal

Thursday, Nov. 14

Pro D (School Based)

Friday, Nov. 19

Schools close for Winter Break (last day in session)

Friday, Dec. 19

Winter Break

Dec. 22 – Jan. 2

Schools reopen after Winter Break

Mon., Jan. 5, 2015

Provincial Exams (No regular   classes)

Jan – 19-23

BC Family Day

Monday, Feb. 9

Pro D (District)

Friday, Feb 20

Schools close for Spring Break (last day in session)

Friday, Mar. 6

Spring Vacation Period

Mar. 9 – Mar. 20

Schools reopen after Extended Spring Break

Monday, Mar. 23

Good Friday

Friday, April 3

Easter Monday

Monday, April. 6

Student Led  Conference – Early Dismissal

Thursday, April 23

Pro D (District)

Friday, April 17

Pro D (School Based)

Friday, May 15

Victoria Day

Monday, May 18

Last day of scheduled instruction

Tuesday, June 17

Provincial Exams (No regular   classes)

June – 18-26

Last Day of School for all students

Thursday, June 25

Administrative Day (Teachers)

Friday, June 26


Januray 29 Newsletter

Greetings to our Inquiry Hub families,Jan14-News-Aquarium-1Today was report card day and so hopefully you saw your child’s report card after school. Please take some time to discuss the report with your child and ask them both about things they do well, and things they think they can improve on.  Also, please read “The road ahead…” (below) to help you think about where we are in the school year.

Events and Activities

HR MacMillan Field Trip planned for Tuesday Feb. 4th. We are still looking for possible parent drivers. Please contact Mr. Khalili if you can help.

Also, take a peek at a video with highlights from our recent field trip to the Aquarium and also from Halloween:

Our next field trip, being organized by students, will be to Cliffhanger for some indoor Rock Climbing.

Thank you to the students and families that donated to support Brian, a student in our community that got to celebrate a Christmas like no other he has had before. He really appreciated the iPod Nano, movie theatre gift certificate, clothing, bedding, and other gifts and essentials. Brian might be coming by to say a personal thank you in the coming weeks.

Ask your child about their Movie Trailers for iHub Reads!

Please see the following attachments:

The road ahead…

This week marks the half-way point for the school year. It really is hard to believe we are at that point already. Students that were here last year know that things seem to speed up even more now. More than ever, it is a time to focus and refocus in a program that is personalized and self-directed. As always, we would like to remind students and parents that students should be spending at least an hour every night on homework. For some, this has been a regular pattern already. For others, it might be something that parent support could help.

At school, we are spending a fair bit of time reminding some students to stay focused, while others are modelling what is expected. We want students dedicating their afternoons to studying things that they want to inquire about, but for some, we will be asking them to spend more time on work that is required in their courses.  Through this all, we encourage students to create daily routines that help them to be productive students, who get to enjoy a unique way to learn while developing skills that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

Successful Open House

Thank you to all the students who helped out at our Open House. Feedback was mostly about how passionate and articulate our student presenters and guides were. Please remember that we are currently taking applications for next year and pass along our website to students who would make good candidates for our school:  ~Which includes a link to our online application.

 Jan14-News-ParentsParents as Partners

This will be a regular feature of newsletters. Hopefully with parent questions and contributions!

PAC MEETING ON MONDAY Feb. 3rd – 7pm in the Learning Commons

Children and Computer Time

Here is a question I often hear: How much computer time should my child have? This gets even more challenging in a program where homework is all available online!

Also, how much ‘screen time’ are they getting, since television and phone time can also be a concern.

Here are some questions to ponder. There are no ‘right’ answers here, but discussing this as parents, and/or as a family, can help you decide what your limits and comfort zones are:

How long does your child spend on the computer, on their phone, or in front of the TV? Are you comfortable with that amount of time? Have you discussed this with your child?

Do you know what your child does on the computer? How much homework time is actually homework time? Are social media sites open, texting happening or multiple windows being viewed?

Is homework done in an ideal environment and setting? Is there a better place for it to be done?

What computer games does your child play? Are these games appropriate for their age?  Have your tried them?

What social networks does your child belong to? Which ones do they spend the most time on? Are you their online friends?

How much freedom should they have online and on their phones?

I think most parents agree that having a television or computer in a child’s room might not be a great idea. But are they allowed to charge their cell phones in their room? If so, then they do in fact have a computer and television in their room! … And so, is it on when you ask them to have it off? Are they sleeping as much as you think they are? Is there somewhere else that the phone charger should be kept?

The younger your child is, the more important it is to determine these things for them. As your child gets older, it would be wise to allow them to negotiate these terms with you, although I firmly believe that parents should maintain the right to make the final decision.

~ Dave Truss

Jan14-News-Aqua2Remember to stay up to date with events and images from the Inquiry Hub on Facebook and Twitter.

Parent Information and Opportunities – November 5th, 2013

Please see the attached information re:

Free Adult English Classes from SD43


Cathie Camley – Parent Advocacy – Sat. Nov. 16th 2-3:30pm


Community engagement process Learning, Land and Neighbourhoods initiative

The number of students enrolling in the school district is growing — in the next decade there will be 5,000 more students. New schools will need to be built and others refurbished or enhanced to meet growing demand. In addition, building on the work done last year, the board is reviewing district properties to ensure we are getting the best value for students today and in the future. The school district has launched a community engagement process to help identify solutions and inform the board’s actions and decisions.

We invite you to visit our Learning, Land and Neighbourhoods section of the District website here.”

See the: Community Consultation Guide


Kevin Cameron Parent Presentations for 2014, on behalf of the Safe Schools Task Force, will be presenting: “Parenting our Kids in the 21st Century”.  The dates are:  February 4th  (Coquitlam Alliance Church)  and May 15th (Charles Best) from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Also see the Multi Agency Safe Schools Community Letter


Monday Sept. 16th Meet the teacher & Pac Meeting, and survey link

Greetings Inquiry Hub Parents,

We are off to a great start of the year at Inquiry Hub Secondary School. I would like to invite you to ‘Meet the Teacher’ on Monday Sept. 16th, which will be followed by our first PAC meeting of the year.

On Monday between 5 and 7pm, we invite you to come and meet your Inquiry Hub teachers. Students are encouraged to join you and give you a tour, as well as introduce you to their teachers. This will be an ‘Open House’ event, with opportunities to speak to any of us in an informal setting. Please be sure to join us!

After the meet the teacher open house, we will be having our first PAC meeting of the year at 7pm. Before sharing the agenda, here are 2 important messages regarding our PAC:

1. I will be sharing the email address you received this email in with our PAC Executive. They will use it only for PAC related information, and like me, they will BCC any emails sent to all parents. Please reply to this email if you would rather not have this email address shared, or if you’d like to change which email address is used for my updates and PAC updates.

2. There is a very short ‘iHub PAC fundraising’ survey that I’ve been asked to share with you. For new parents, question #3 is in regard to a student initiative to request PAC funds for inquiry projects. Please help out our PAC and complete this (5 question) survey.

(Link provided in email to parents)

 3. This newsletter is available online at: where there is a link to our PAC Minutes page: You can find our June PAC meeting minutes there.

Here is the PAC Agenda for this coming Monday at 7pm, also attached as a word document to this email. We hope to see you all there.


I Hub Inquiry PAC Secondary School
PAC Meeting – AGENDA
September 16, 2013, 7:00pm

Agenda Item    Minutes    Timing

1.    General: Meeting called to order        7:00

2.    Welcome and Introductions    5    7:05

3.    Previous Meeting Minutes
•    June 03, 2013    5    7:10

4.    Principal’s Report    10    7:20

5.    Priorities for 2013/2014
•    Discussion of parents as to the desired priorities
for the PAC during the 2013/2014 school year.    15    7:35

6.    Old Business
•    Vacant positions:
o    Treasurer
o    School Planning Committee Representatives
o    Fundraising Coordinator    15    7:50

7.    New Business
•    Funding for student inquiry projects
•    Gaming Account update

8.    Meeting Adjourned    10          8:00

9.    Future Meetings
•    TBD

Current PAC Executive:

Chair – Jason Turner
Vice Chair – Michelle Unrau
Secretary – Arlyss Turner

Inquiry Hub Secondary School – September 2013

[This post as a pdf: Inquiry Hub September Mail Out 2013]

Dear Parents and Students,

We look forward to a fantastic year at the Inquiry Hub!  We hope your summer break has been relaxing and re-energizing and that you are looking forward to starting at the Inquiry Hub next week.

The school is now open weekdays from 8:30 to 4:00.  You can also phone the office during those same hours at 604-936-4285.

As part of the registration process, you are required to complete several forms.  This year, as part of the district’s environmental initiative to reduce paper use, we are asking you to complete eForms for most registration requirements.

These eForms will be available now!  We ask that you please complete these forms prior to registration day on September 3rd.  Here’s how:

1)      Go to

2)      Complete the three required forms by clicking on the buttons:

  1. School Policies
  2. Emergency Release
  3. Privately-owned devices (Student laptop access to district network – this is at the very bottom of the page.)

3)      If applicable, please review and complete the following optional forms:

  1. Medical Alert
  2. Volunteer Application
  3. Driver Application

If you require assistance completing the forms, please call or visit our office for assistance.

Registration and Orientation Day
On Tuesday, September 3rd, attendance must be taken, forms submitted and an orientation to the program, and year ahead, will be provided to students. There is no need to bring laptops to school on Tuesday. The schedule for Sept 3rd is from 10am to 11:30am.

The first day of regular schedule is Wednesday, Sept 4th with a schedule as follows:

School Begins 9am
Topical Workshops and Learning Commons Time 9am to 11:45
Lunch 11:45 to 12:45
Inquiry Focus Time 12:45 to 3pm
    Note: PE twice per week, Mondays and Thursdays, from 12:45 to 2:00  



We are having our ‘Meet the Teacher’ night on Monday September 16th from 5pm to 7pm. This is also our first PAC Meeting night and so we welcome you to stay with us! The PAC meeting will start at 7pm. We are also planning some events early on that will provide students and parents with opportunities to learn more about each other… We hope to foster a larger learning community that extends beyond the walls of our school.

Students will be assigned personal lockers to replace the smaller cubbies that we had last year.

School Calendar
Included in the PDF above and available online here:  Click here for a PDF version of this Calendar. (or .docx)

That’s it for now!  Please be sure to visit our website

There, you can find handy pages such as:

Our Parent Page: (Where you can find updates like this newsletter.)

Our Calendar:

And: Links to our Facebook and Twitter pages, along with other resources and program information.

The entire Inquiry Hub team is excited to have you join us, and we look forward to a great year ahead!


Dave Truss

Lead Administrator


Inquiry Hub Parents Page – PAC & School News

Starting a brand new school, doing things in a brand new way, is no easy task. Believing in the vision of the school and trusting it will be the best place for your child is no easy choice. For that reason, we say ‘Thank You’ to the parents of our Inquiry Hub students. Thank you also to our wonderful students, and our dedicated teaching staff for co-creating the ‘iHub’ experience.

It has been an amazing year. And, we know that things will only get better as we model the expectations of our students who are on a continual learning cycle, improving what they do, based on feedback from previous learning experiences.

This space will host all of our PAC – Parent Advisory Council meeting minutes and also provide up-to-date news for our parents (and students).

Here are the iHub PAC – June 3 2013 Minutes (pdf).

Field Trip on MONDAY!

We will be heading to White Pine Beach on Sasamat Lake on Monday June 17th. Click here to see a Google Map and get directions.

Parents are welcome to join us. We are hoping that some parents can drive, and we will also have teacher drivers. We’ll plan to leave the school at 9am to arrive at the beach between 9:45 and 10am. We will stay until 2pm. Please let us know if you are joining us, or if you are dropping/picking up your child to/from the beach, rather than the school. (Drop off times: School = 8:45-3, at the beach = 10am-2pm)

We have a hike around the lake planned and there will be sporting equipment and a barbecue.

What to bring:

Clothing appropriate for the weather. (And something warm to wear like a jacket, even if the day starts warm/dry)

Hat, sun screen, comfortable shoes. Optional: sandals/flip-flops, bathing suite & towel (yes the water will be cold!)

A snack or treat of some sort to share. (We’ll plan this a bit at school)

Blanket/camping chairs/comfort items you will remember to bring back home with you. (Nothing too big unless your parents are bringing them.

Cost: Just the snack item you are bringing to share.

Photos Needed

We are putting together a yearbook and need more photos! Please send (good) photos that you or your child may have to: ~ The password will be shared in my email to announce this new parent page.

Last Day of Classes Wednesday June 19th

Please note: Some students will be invited to continue attending to complete work. Although teachers will be present, there will be many planning and organizational meetings and if students would like to set up meetings with teachers, then need to check with the teacher in advance to make sure the teacher is available.

Pizza Lunch – If students would like a pizza lunch on our last day, then they need to bring in $4 on Wednesday.

Provincial Exams

380 Montgomery Street  (Map)
Coquitlam, BC,  V3K 5G2,  604-936-4261

On Friday, Mr. Truss will be driving any students who are writing exams, and would like to see their exam location in advance, to the school to see the rooms that the exams are held in. This location is only a few minute drive from Millside.

The times for the exams are:

Wed. June 19th – 9am to 11am Foundations of MATHEMATICS and Pre-Calculus 10
Wed. June 19th – 9am to 11am Apprenticeship and Workplace MATHEMATICS 10

Thursday June 20th – 1pm to 3pm SCIENCE 10

Friday June 21st – 9am to 11am SOCIAL STUDIES 11

Friday June 21st -1pm to 3pm ENGLISH 10

* Students are allotted an additional hour to write exams, if they require more than two hours. This does not need to be stated in advance.

Summer Opportunities

KidSport Used Equipment Sale Info – Summer

Science of Sexuality – Telus World of Science – Youth Pass

Place des Arts – Youth Arts Council -Poster

Thank You!

It has been an honour working with your children. We look forward to building on our learning this year and providing a fantastic year of student-driven inquiry learning next year.


I’ll be asking for more feedback later, but I would like to end this message with a request that parents who have feedback on the program (compliments, concerns, and suggestions), please contact me and share that feedback by your own preferred terms… face-to-face, phone or email.

Dave Truss
Inquiry Hub Lead Administrator