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Possible Fall Fundraiser

by | Oct 6, 2021 | PAC | 0 comments

At the October PAC meeting we heard about a passion project and possible fall fundraiser created by an Inquiry Hub parent, Susan H. Check it out (below) and then take our quick survey to let us know if you’re interested!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. We have closed the survey. At this time we have decided not to go ahead with this fundraiser. However, the parent is selling the calendars on Etsy. Her shop is called Utterly Unique Art and you are welcome to check it out!


“Something to Celebrate!” is a 2022 calendar that lists a real but unusual celebration for every day of the year. There’s everything from “squirrel appreciation day” to “talk in the elevator day” to “wear something gaudy day,” plus 362 other celebrations, each with its own illustration. It is created in loving memory of her Dad who, until his death, filled her family’s quarantine experience with fun reasons to connect and celebrate together virtually when it was not possible in person.


Cost: $30 /Calendar
Delivery: via your student
Arriving: late November
Profit: $5/calendar to the PAC, remaining profits to charities that support homeless youth.


The Calendars are 11.5” x 14”, spiral bound and printed on sturdy cardstock. Squares for each day includes a fun image to match the day’s celebration. The page for each month is a collage of images connected to official months such as “bath safety month”, “cell phone etiquette month” etc. and yes…there is an answer key :- )


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